Technological sphere of activity

Chemical industry

  • Synthetic resin production
  • Paint production
  • Mineral and synthetic plasters production
  • Al - paste production
  • TiO2 – pigment production

Petro Chemical industry

  • Tank-farm handling, measurements and balancing
  • Blending-mixing and dispatching final products

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Antibiotic production
  • Fermentation – batch process control


  • Potable water treatment and distribution
  • Waste water treatment

Industrial energetic

  • Electrical energy consumption - registration and control
  • Industrial plants power supply
  • Control of industrial objects - HVAC, Ex-alarming

Food and beverage

  • Dairy – raw material handling, dosing, CIP systems
  • Brewery - brewing, fermentacion, CIP systems
  • Animal food processing
  • Silo control – input/output handling, elevator and silo process control, balancing
  • Wine - tank control, transport of liquids, CIP systems, fermentacion and stabilization of wine.

Thermal processes

  • Gas furnace for temperature treatment of casts (foundry)
  • Glass furnaces control
  • Transformer plate thermal and chemical treatment
  • Drying and calcinations