Hrastnik, Slovenija


  • Extraction of raw phosphoric acid, dekadminization, dephosphatisation
  • Production of technical phosphates, tower for drying of technical phosphates
  • Production of food grade phosphates, tower for drying of food grade phosphates
  • Production of amonium phosphates
  • Production of granulated amonium phosphates
  • Production of liquid detergents
  • Cooling water system
  • Dedusting system


  • YOKOGAWA CENTUM VP, 100% redundancy


  • Engineering:
    • Design and production of project documentation
    • Technological installations, electrical installations, measurement and process control
  • Recipe management
  • Process control of technological procedures and whole production lines
  • Dosing of liquid materials, regulation of pH, densities, temperatures and flows
  • Weighing and dosing of powdered materials
  • Software protection, safety interlocks
  • Measurements, electrical & process control equipment delivery and installation
  • Design and production of process control software
  • Manual design and operator training